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sounding out life

Sounding Out life is the arm of Essence Music Group dedicated to the mental health and emotional wellbeing of its artists. 


We use tools and strategies that reflect our intimate knowledge of the challenges that working musicians face and how it can impact their mental health. We strongly believe that if we can increase a person’s ability to be emotionally resilient and strengthen their sense of hope and optimism through self-awareness and core value beliefs, we can reduce anxiety and symptoms of depression before they become more problematic, requiring professional mental health intervention.


Sounding Out Life is headed by Veronica Chambers, former publicist and communications specialist in the Australian music and Event industry, now qualifying as a clinical mental health counselor, in Nashville TN, USA.


Veronica is fully trained in The Wholeness Framework™, a comprehensive tool that empowers individuals to more effectively care for themselves, cultivate emotional resilience, and engage more effectively with the world around them by developing a variety of practical skills: 


  • The Adversity CycleTM – a six-step strategy to help individuals learn how to more effectively move through and overcome the challenges they face in their daily life

  • Context-Based Core Values AwarenessTM – a simple process to help individuals increase self-awareness and find fulfillment in their daily life through the identification and expression of their deepest core values

  • The Life Layer Awareness ModelTM – a way to use fear as a tool to increase self-awareness and live with greater authenticity and integrity


COVID-19 is something that none of us have experienced in our lifetimes. It is NATURAL to feel overwhelm, anxiety, fear, anger, frustration, hopelessness, shutdown and feelings of being lost and ungrounded.  If you are feeling any of these emotions in response to COVID-19 you are not abnormal or pathological BUT, if you are struggling with past traumas or grief, a resurgence of compulsive behavior or addictive behavior, please seek professional help and let someone close to you know what you are going through. 





For the duration of the COVID-19 crisis, Veronica is offering her services to the greater music community in Nashville for no cost.   If you are struggling with feelings of anxiety, overwhelm and are looking for ways to ground yourself, feel free to book a session with her.  Send a message to, and indicate you would like to book a 45minute session and we will work out a date and time.



For a downloadable PDF of The Wholeness Framework, click on the icon below.

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